Umi Returns to Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra!


Umi returned to Winnipeg, Canada to play with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in September, 2015.
Umi had a great time working with Maestro Marcelo Lehninger and the orchestra!
The Winnipeg Free Press wrote;

What a pleasure it is to see Garrett on this stage again. After striding to the piano, flashing a shy smile with a bouncing ponytail, the poised artist launched into Mozart’s opening movement Allegro that provided the first taste of her sparkling technique. She approached the following Andante with resonant simplicity, including its opening, luminous solo that will only deepen emotionally with each passing year. Then it became time for the finale Presto. Here, Garrett’s sheer joy of music-making seemed to spill over her keys, practically dancing on her bench as she tossed off quicksilver runs, syncopated accents and lightly executed ornaments. As expected, the clearly charmed audience leapt to its feet in a standing ovation, leading to an encore of Liszt’s La Campanella. It proved the perfect choice after the more genteel Mozart, as Garrett could now unleash her full arsenal of pyrotechnics, including cross-hand playing, lightning speed chromatic runs and thundering octaves. This led to an even more enthusiastic second ovation with loud whistles and cries of “bravo!”

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Debut with the New Mexico Philharmonic!

New Mexico Philharmonic image3



Umi performed with the New Mexico Philharmonic in February, 2015 after receiving the first Mastroianni Award. This performance was dedicated to the late Dr. Thomas Mastroianni who was a great pianist, teacher and the co-founder of the Amalfi Coast Music Festival in Italy. Umi had participated in the festival twice in the past, and was very grateful for receiving this honorable award. Special thanks to Mr. Sasha Katsnelson and Mrs. Leslie Hyde of the Amalfi Coast Music Festival for this opportunity.
The review of Umi’s performance was described as below in the Albuquerque Journal:

As part of the Protégé Series, 13-year-old American pianist Umi Garrett, a soloist recipient of the Mastroianni Founders Award, thrilled those in attendance playing the Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1, conducted by Bradley Ellingboe. Had one listened blindfolded, one could have easily concluded this was a seasoned professional. Indeed, she played with a grace and sensitivity far beyond her years, well deserving of the honor Young Steinway Artist.

Getting all the right notes in place (no easy feat in itself) is only the beginning. With Chopin especially, the challenge is to turn what is technically a percussion instrument into a vehicle of singing lyric beauty and allow the poetry to soar.

The middle Romance-Larghetto glowed with a sympathetic tenderness. She also had power when she needed it, from the stentorian chords that introduce the piano. The stretto leading to the recapitulation in the Allegro maestoso was an electric fury of perfectly-articulated runs. Finally the Rondo sparkled like freshly-opened champagne joyfully free of its confines.

It was followed by the most boisterous standing ovation, bringing Garrett back for an encore, Chopin’s Nocturne Op. Posth No. 20 in C Sharp Minor.

Umi’s U.S. solo concert tour Fall 2014

Tour 2014

Umi has just finished her U.S. solo concert tour for the fall 2014!  During this fall, she performed in 16 cities throughout the U.S including the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Delaware, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota and California. Thank you for coming to her concert! 🙂

Berlin Solo Concert!

Umi had two solo concerts in Berlin in August, 2014. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Takeya and everyone at the Japanese Embassy for this wonderful opportunity.
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Umi Returned to Missouri Symphony!

Missouri Symphony 2014

Umi returned to the Missouri Symphony Orchestra this time to play Chopin’s piano concerto No.1 in e minor, Op.11 at the Missouri Theatre. The concert was a part of the 2014 Hot Summer Nights Festival, the largest Classical and Pops summer festival in the Heartland, Missouri. Umi and Maestro Kirk Trevor were a great team!

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Pasadena Symphony in California!

imageUmi played Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 in e minor with the Pasadena Symphony and Pops at the Ambassador Auditorium in Los Angeles, California! Crescenta Valley Weekly wrote of her performance as “Remarkable and bold” and declared “Garrett is the real thing” and “This is one wunderkind to definitely watch.”

Umi had a great time working with Maestro Nicholas McGegan and the Pasadena Symphony!image


The photo above was taken during the rehearsal.

Concerts on the Trans-Atlantic cruise!

Umi and Mr. Gary Hunter at the Crystal Cruise

Umi was selected to be the solo pianist on the Crystal Cruise 12days transatlantic journey from Barcelona (Spain) to Miami! She gave two concerts at the Galaxy Hall, and enjoyed the rest of the cruise very much!

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St. Maarten Island in the Caribbean during a concert on the transatlantic cruise 2013

Umi is now a Young Steinway Artist


Umi Garrett has been chosen as a Young Steinway Artist! Click here to see the official Steinway website page where Umi describes her feelings about Steinway pianos.