Umi Returns to Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra! - L1010550 Umi returned to Winnipeg, Canada to play with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in September, 2015. Umi had a great time working with Maestro Marcelo Lehninger and the orchestra! The Winnipeg Free Press wrote; What a pleasure it is to see Garrett on this stage again. After striding to the piano, flashing a shy smile with a bouncing ponytail, the poised artist launched into Mozart's opening movement Allegro that provided the first taste of her sparkling technique. She approached the following Andante with resonant simplicity, including its opening, luminous solo that will only deepen emotionally with each passing year. Then it became time for the finale Presto. Here, Garrett's sheer joy of music-making seemed to spill over her keys, practically dancing on her bench as she tossed off quicksilver runs, syncopated accents and lightly executed ornaments. As expected, the clearly charmed audience leapt to its feet in a standing ovation, leading to an encore of Liszt's La Campanella. It proved the perfect choice after the more genteel Mozart, as Garrett could now unleash her full arsenal of pyrotechnics, including cross-hand playing, lightning speed chromatic runs and thundering octaves. This led to an even more enthusiastic second ovation with loud whistles and cries of "bravo!" To read on The Winnipeg Free Press website, please click here